EXCEL Variane 230

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Color: Carbon Grey
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Carry Bag Icon Excel Leisure

Carry Bag & Floor Bag

Repair Kit Icon Excel Leisure

Repair Kit

Oar Set Icon Excel Leisure


Inflation Pump Icon Excel Leisure

Inflation Pump

Manual Icon Excel Leisure

Instruction Manual

Storage Friendly & Lightweight.

An excellent all-round inflatable boat and tender for venturing out - perfect for travelling light and optimal storage space.

Excel Variane Collection Inflatable Boats on Water

Detachable Transom Bracket

Simply attaches to the 360-degree tubing allowing any outboard up to 3.5hp to be mounted

High Pressure AirDeck

This patented AirDeck design allows for a comfortable yet durable solution to inflatable floors. Ensuring longevity without additional weight.

Carbon Effect PVC

Designed using a 0.9mm thick Carbon Effect PVC providing abrasion, weather and chemical resistance with 4-layer reinforced seams.

Product Specification

The EXCEL Variane 230 is constructed with 360-degree tubing giving it a more compact profile due to the absence of a transom and rear cones. The use of professional grade 1100 Hytex Fabric throughout its construction makes it lightweight yet rigid, affording extra buoyancy and support with its patented AirDeck.


2.30m Overall Length 
1.60m Inside Length 
1.38m Overall Width 
0.64m Inside Width 
0.37m Tube Diameter 
90x50x22 Packed Size 


3 Person Capacity
1 Seats Included
400kg Loading Capacity
3.5hp Max Motor Power
24kg Boat Weight 

Construction Detail

2+1 Chamber 
0.25 Bar Max Air Pressure Tubes 
0.70 Bar Max Air Pressure Floor 
1100 (HYTEX) Tube Fabric


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