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Whether you are a fishing enthusiast looking for robust solutions for hours on the water or simply a comfortable trip out on calm waters, capturing laughter and excitement. EXCEL has something for you.

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Volante-16- Excel Leisure
EXCEL Volante 160 Sale price£529.00
Excel Inflatables Ventura 200
EXCEL Ventura 200 Sale price£529.00
Excel Volante 180 Inflatable Boat
EXCEL Volante 180 Sale price£549.00
Save £167.70
EXCEL Ventura 230
EXCEL Ventura 230 Sale price£391.30 Regular price£559.00
Excel Boats Variane 230
EXCEL Variane 230 Sale price£559.00
Volante 200
EXCEL Volante 200 Sale price£599.00
Volante SIB Excel
EXCEL Volante 230 Sale price£639.00
Save £194.70
EXCEL Ventura 260
EXCEL Ventura 260 Sale price£454.30 Regular price£649.00
cel Boats Variane 260
EXCEL Variane 260 Sale price£659.00
On sale
EXCEL Volante 235EXCEL Volante 235
EXCEL Volante 235 Sale priceFrom £489.30 Regular price£699.00
Save £69.50
EXCEL Kaboat 370
EXCEL Kaboat 370 Sale price£625.50 Regular price£695.00
Volante 260 Excel
EXCEL Volante 260 Sale price£759.00
Sold out
Excel Inflatables Ventura 290
EXCEL Ventura 290 Sale price£759.00
Volante 290 Excel Boats
EXCEL Volante 290 Sale price£869.00
Save £89.50
EXCEL Explorer 270
EXCEL Explorer 270 Sale price£805.50 Regular price£895.00
Save £89.50
EXCEL Kaboat 430
EXCEL Kaboat 430 Sale price£805.50 Regular price£895.00
On sale
EXCEL Volante 330EXCEL Volante 330
EXCEL Volante 330 Sale priceFrom £678.30 Regular price£969.00
On sale
EXCEL Vanguard 335EXCEL Vanguard 335
EXCEL Vanguard 335 Sale priceFrom £727.30 Regular price£1,039.00
On sale
EXCEL Scout 360
EXCEL Scout 360 Sale priceFrom £985.50 Regular price£1,095.00
Save £109.50
EXCEL Explorer 300
EXCEL Explorer 300 Sale price£985.50 Regular price£1,095.00
On sale
EXCEL Volante 360EXCEL Volante 360
EXCEL Volante 360 Sale priceFrom £811.30 Regular price£1,159.00
EXCEL Explorer 330
EXCEL Explorer 330 Sale price£1,195.00
On sale
EXCEL Vanguard 365EXCEL Vanguard 365
EXCEL Vanguard 365 Sale priceFrom £914.25 Regular price£1,219.00
On sale
EXCEL Volante 390EXCEL Volante 390
EXCEL Volante 390 Sale priceFrom £639.50 Regular price£1,279.00