SeaStorm 12 HDPE Advantage

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Thanks to the ingenious designs of the hull SeaStorm 12 is on of the most silent and smoothest boats in its sector. It is self-draining, easy planing, very solid and stable.

With strong double hull the boat is extremely safe and full contact between the deck and hull makes the boat stiffer and more robust. The extremely strong, lightweight body offers both high speed and low fuel consumption. SeaStorm is the market leader in rotational moulding and has taken this moulding process to new heights with the SeaStorm 12.

The boat seats four people and the high freeboard ensures everyone will have a comfortable and dry boat trip. SeaStorm 12 feet 4 CE Category C Certification. SeaStorm 12 feet 20 knots with 10 HP (trimmed to 20 hp Mercury)

Color: White
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200kg Weight
366cm Length
167cm Overall Width
175cm Beam
4 Max People
20hp / 15kW Max HP
213cm Steering Cable
213cm Throttle and Gear Cable

Advantage Configuration

Steering console with steering wheel
Cushion set (front+middle+aft) with backrests and row set
Side rails
Bathing Ladder


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