ePropulsion Spirit Series

Portable and Long-Range Outboard Motor

Spirit 1.0 Electric Outboards

The Spirit 1.0 Plus is a versatile 1kW motor, designed for a variety of boats including dinghies, fishing vessels, sailboats, and tenders. This portable powerhouse boasts a large, integrated 1,276 Wh lithium battery for extended travel distance. Offering agility, lightweight construction, and eco-friendly energy, it stands out as a top-notch marine choice.

*The EVO model features a hydrogeneration function to recharge the battery whilst sailing.

Digital Operation

Electric outboard motors offer effortless operation and keep you informed of operation status.

  1. Digital Display
    You have access to real-time power, remaining runtime, battery level, operating voltage, etc.
  2. Electric Start
    Press one button and you’re ready to go. No more tricky pull starts on cold mornings.
  3. Magnetic Kill Switch
    Stop the motor in an emergency and keep you safe.
  4. Stepless throttle changing
    The throttle handling is smooth and enjoyable in both forwards and reverse.
  5. Max Power Output AdjustmentLimit the max throttle power for kids or rental boats.
  6. Ambidextrous Operation
    Turning throttle easily either from the left-hand or right-hand side.


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