BALTIC Slim Pro Buoyancy Aid

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A unique design within the Baltic family. This buoyancy aid becomes very easy to wear thanks to the careful distribution of the compact buoyant material. The back plate is ergonomically designed and the adjustable sides are made of soft neoprene. The entire buoyancy aid is lined with mesh. Crotch straps as an option. 50N load-bearing capacity and is classified as a buoyancy aid. A lifejacket that has a carrying capacity of 50 Newtons, is classified as a buoyancy aid and sometimes referred to as a sailing vest. They have a slightly simpler design than lifejackets. A 50N lifejacket keeps you afloat by a good margin but lacks a collar to support your head. It has the buoyancy force more evenly distributed between the front and back and therefore does not guarantee to turn an unconscious person to a supine position. 50N lifejacket is therefore recommended for swimmers who weigh at least 25kg.
Size: 30-50 KG (S)
Color: Red