EXCEL Kaboat 370

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Color: Carbon Grey
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Carry Bag Icon Excel Leisure

Carry Bag

Repair Kit Icon Excel Leisure

Repair Kit

Oar Set Icon Excel Leisure


Inflation Pump Icon Excel Leisure

Inflation Pump

Manual Icon Excel Leisure

Instruction Manual


Bow Canopy




Rear Handles


Safety Line

Perfect for Agile Exploring

The optimal solution for your expeditions whether alone or with a partner. Combining agility with power.


Integrated Bow Canopy

Keep your gear and additional clothing secure and protected from splash using the Kaboat's integrated bow canopy.

High Pressure Airdeck

This patented AirDeck design allows for a comfortable yet durable solution to inflatable floors. Ensuring longevity without additional weight.

Carbon Effect PVC

Designed using a 0.9mm thick Hytex PVC providing abrasion, weather and chemical resistance with 4-layer reinforced seams.

Hull Fins

Designed to keep the Kaboat stable and straight requiring less energy from the user whether your rowing or using an outboard.

Product Specification

Compact, nimble, and ideal for expeditions, the EXCEL Kaboat 370 boasts a 3.7m size, making it the smallest offering in the EXCEL Kaboat lineup. This allows you and a companion to embark on agile adventures together.

The EXCEL Kaboat 370 stands out for its lightweight, portable and unique design, easily carried by just two individuals. Its construction features an integrated bow canopy, providing protection for your gear against splashes and sunlight. Further on, the boat is equipped with 4 Hull Fins on the underside, specifically designed to ensure stability in the water, reducing the effort required from users whether you’re rowing or using an outboard.


3.70m Overall Length
2.87m Inside Length
1.07m Overall Width
0.41m Inside Width
0.33m Tube Diameter


2 Person Capacity
2 Seats Included
268kg Loading Capacity
5hp Max Motor Power
30kg Boat Weight

Construction Detail

2 Chambers
0.25 Bar Max Air Pressure Tubes
0.70 Bar Max Air Pressure Keel
1100 ( HYTEX ) Tube Fabric
GRP Transom


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