HD43 Heavy Duty Shackle Padlock

Sale priceĀ£29.99

The HD43 heavy-duty shackle padlockĀ is ideal for use with theĀ SAS heavy-duty D shackle security chainsĀ andĀ ground anchorĀ and offers an excellent level of security to protect from potential thieves. This padlock has a 12.7mm rubberā€“coated shackle to prevent scratching. Also,Ā the plastic casing on the body of the padlock makes it pleasant to use during theĀ cold winterĀ months.

A brilliant addition to your SAS chain or cable, this padlock is well suited to theĀ SAS steel braided security cables. This padlock comes as standard on theĀ SAS heavy-duty D shackle security chains. The lock is anĀ anti-pickĀ design and has a keyway dust cover design for longevity.Ā