Inflatable Boat Car Rack

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The Boat Rack is designed to carry you Excel Inflatable Boat with ease, by attaching to the tow bar on your vehicle. It is designed to carry up to the Excel Volante 390 or the Vanguard 395 with the floor in the car, a maximum load of 75kg. 

The Inflatable Boat Rack is ideal if the space on your roof is already taken up with other essential equipment. It's an incredibly solid alternative to a small trailer and the height makes it really easy and convenient to load. You will not be confined to speed limits for towing a trailer and any additional costs for servicing, tolls etc.. Also you don't have to find somewhere secure to park the trailer whilst on the water enjoying boating.

Features Include:

  • Maximum load: 75kg (dependent on the maximum noseweight of your tow ball).
  • The arm is adjustable from 940mm to 1240mm in width and 97mm to 485mm in height (measured from the top of the tow ball) to accommodate different sized loads.
  • The platform extends from 299mm to 598mm in length to allow loading of larger objects.
  • Lockable - tow bar lock available separately (listed below)
  • Durable, powder-coated steel construction.
  • Removable, adjustable upright - for smaller loads, ease of storage and to allow access to your tailgate.
  • Includes four pairs of straps to secure the load.
  • The frame and arms have multiple points for securing the straps.
  • Comes with a number plate holder in case it obscures your number plate, you will need a set of lights if your load obscures your lights (listed below).
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