Polymarine 2 Part PVC Adhesive - 250ml

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Ensure a complete and lasting bond with the specially formulated Polymarine 2 Part Adhesive, designed for the repair and maintenance of PVC inflatables. A crucial companion for inflatable boat users, this solvent-based polyurethane adhesive guarantees excellent adhesion for PVC.

Versatile Bonding: When used with Polymarine A3695B curing agent, Glue forms a robust bond on a wide range of surfaces, including PVC, nylon fabric, polyurethane fabric, and foam.

Comprehensive Repairs: Ideal for repairing PVC inflatables, including popular fabrics used by all Inflatable Boat manufacturers such as HYTEX PVC.

User-Friendly Application: The easy-to-mix two-part formula comes in sets with the required amount of curing agent. It can be applied as a single part for quick temporary fixes.

Application Options: Whether using a brush, roller, or serrated trowel, Glue ensures quick contact bonds in 10-15 minutes, with full cure achieved in 48 hours.

Long Shelf Life: Unopened tins have a shelf life of 24 months, and the mixed adhesive remains viable for 3-4 hours, providing flexibility during application.

Cost-Effective Coverage: With just 1 litre covering 1 square metre using two coats, Polymarine 2 Part Adhesive offers cost-effective solutions for your repair needs.

Primer Requirement: For maximum bond strength, use Polymarine 2903 Solvent as a necessary primer before applying Glue.

Trusted by Professionals: Glue is a staple at liferaft service stations and major manufacturers, attesting to its reliability in the marine industry.

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