RIBER Cushioned Seat Pad

Sale price£13.95

The Riber Cushioned Seat Pad is ideal for use on a kayak seat for added comfort. The bottom of the seat is Made in the UK from Recycled PVC meaning is has natural non-slip qualities and will remain in place when you are out paddling. There are also tabs along the edge which allows for the user to create a hole and screw through to fix it in place more permanently.

The underside of the Riber Cushioned Seat Pad has a honeycomb pattern to increase comfort and flexibility allowing it to form to your shape.

Measures: 37 x 31 x 4cm

* The Riber Cushioned Seat Pad is made form Recycled plastics therefore the colour may vary slightly from that shown. They are BLACK in colour, the blue seat in a green kayak is shown for demonstration purposes only.