ROKK Wireless - Edge 10W Waterproof Adjustable Charging Mount 12/24V

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Now with 10W of Power the Rokk Wireless - Edge securely holds and wirelessly charges phones even in the toughest outdoor conditions. Keep phones in sight, fully charged and ready to go.
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  • Input Voltage Range: 10-30V DC
  • Max Input Current: 2A
  • Output Power: 10W (9v, 1.1A)
  • Standby Power Draw: < 0.2W
  • Waterproof Rating: IPX6
  • Qi-certified

The IPX6 waterproof 12/24V Qi certified waterproof wireless charging range enables wireless charging for the outdoor environment, without the need for phone charging cables. Designed from the ground up, this is the world’s first waterproof wireless charge system created specifically for use onboard, with the unique technology is housed in an IPX6, fully encapsulated and sealed unit.

Right up to the Edge: with the smallest footprint, Edge now means gives even more choice of how and where a phone can be mounted and charged. Crowded consoles, side-mounting, flat and vertical surfaces are all suitable.

Put the phone on its Edge: Rotate the phone from portrait to landscape to view any apps or simply fine-tune the position for the optimum viewing angle.

12/24V and IPX6 waterproof, ROKK Wireless: Edge is perfect for boat consoles tight on space or any vehicle working outside in the elements, with simple one-handed operation easily dock and instantly start charging the phone. No cable required. The self-aligning, high-grip jaws accommodate all wireless charging phones and securely hold the device in the optimum charging position every time. Couple this with the innovative adjustable body of Edge and it will have the phone fully charged, right where it's needed.

Install Edge 10W on any surface: a secure 3-point fixing system and a footprint of just 50mm (1.96”) diameter maximize the choice of location and a watertight cable pass-through completes the install.

The new upgraded 10W chargers are up to 60% faster and have been designed for the latest generation of power-hungry devices and apps.

The improvements don’t just stop there, now featuring easier phone alignment with a larger charging area, and electrical componentry that has been enhanced to significantly improve the phone's charge times, even in the harshest outdoor environments.

With the same great look, ROKK Wireless is tried and tested in all corners of the globe in all weathers, and conditions.

Featuring Qi-certified wireless technology and a “Smart” LED that indicates when the phone is charging. Throw in foreign object detection and thermal cut-off to give guaranteed safe, reliable charging in all environments. Charging is also possible through non-metallic, waterproof cases. 

Testing and certification: ROKK Wireless – Edge has been subjected to our harshest environmental, thermal, vibration, impact and on-water testing programs. This is combined with our world-renowned expertise in waterproofing technologies, UV stabilization techniques and premium grade materials to ensure Edge is the best and only choice to make when it comes to mounting and wirelessly charging phones outdoors. International certifications include: Qi, CE, FCC and UN-ECE R10.