Torqeedo Ultralight 1103 AC Electric Outboard

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Ultra-powerful. Ultra-efficient. Ultra-stealthy. The Ultralight 1103 AC Professional kayak anglers don’t hit the water without their Ultralight, and neither should you. With the Ultralight 1103 AC, you can now beat the crowd and get to that coveted spot up to 30% faster.

1100 (3HP Equivalent) Power (W)
540 Propulsive Power (W)
915 Wh Li-Ion Integrated Battery
29.6 Nominal Voltage
33.6 Final Charging Voltage
15.3 Total Weight (kg)
9.3 Weight Without Battery (kg)
62.5 (S) Shaft Length (cm)
Throttle Control

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For Kayaks, Canoes and Very Light Boats