Torqeedo Travel 1103 Electric Outboard

Sale price£2,049.00

The 1103 C model is the top-of-the-line model of our globally successful Travel series. Featuring a direct-drive motor design, it comes with the high-capacity 915 Wh battery ‚Äď a range-extending 73% increase in capacity compared to the base model. The 1103 C delivers 1,100 W, a strong aluminium pylon for increased protection from impact damage and an upgraded transom mount.

1100 (3HP Equivalent) Power (W)
520 Propulsive Power (W)
915 Wh Li-Ion Integrated Battery
29.6 Nominal Voltage
33.6 Final Charging Voltage
17.3 Total Weight (kg)
11.3 Weight Without Battery (kg)
62.5 (S) / 75 (L) Shaft Length (cm)
Tiller Control

Size: Travel 1103 CS Short Shaft