EXCEL Virago 290

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Take this Stock Virago 290 as it is with an outboard package or enquire about custom console layouts and options. This specific open boat has been constructed with a folding transom allowing the user to fit the boat into smaller spaces by bring the outboard lower into the boat. This is the perfect tender for yachts as it can be maneuvered into tighter lockers. 

An open boat is also ideal for the explorers that like a peaceful trip out onto the lake with plenty of stability and space around them. Alternatively it gives you complete freedom to customise and design the boat around your needs.

This Virago is designed with a white hull, white inflation tubes and blue accents. To offset the bright whites, we have paired it with Teak EVA Flooring. 

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5 Year Warranty on your Boat and Suzuki Outboard

Folding Transom

The Virago 290 folding transom is designed to allow this boat, when paired with an outboard, into tighter spaces such as garages or yachts. It simply folds down and brings the outboard lower into the boat without increasing the height as it would when normally bring it up.






Product Specification


2.90m Overall Length
2.07m Inside Length
1.60m Overall Width
0.76m Inside Width
0.42m Tube Diameter


Person Capacity
350kg Loading Capacity
10hp Maximum Motor Power (Tiller)
20hp Maximum Motor Power (Remote)
55kg Boat Weight (Excluding Fuel)

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