RIBER 13 Two Seat Open Canoe

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The RIBER 13 Two Seat Open Canoe boasts a modern and stylish design. Its features include a lower centre of gravity meaning the paddler has more control over the canoe. This also means that it’s possible to use a kayak paddle.

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Ideal for Couples or Family Expeditions

Product specification

The Riber 13 Two Seat Open Canoe offers a classic design at unparalleled value. If you’re looking for a craft that looks the part whilst maintaining fantastic user experience, here it is.

✔ Vacuum formed PE Hull

✔ Moulded seats

✔ Adjustable seat locations

✔ Capacity up to 200kg

✔ Two seats

✔ Yoke/carry poles for easy handling

✔ Suitable for solo paddling


396cm Length
88cm Width
28cm Height


29kg Weight
200kg Capacity